Q. Is your studio open or closed?

A. WE ARE OPEN! Now located at the Princeton Shopping Center. Walk-ins welcome, reservations suggested. We are following all safety protocols including social distancing, masks, regular disinfecting, and outdoor seating. Not ready to come out yet? We are offering To-Go Kits online, which can be delivered to your doorstep or picked up. This is a great no-contact option to bring the painting fun to your home! We are now also offering curbside pick-up/drop-off. Registration is required. 

Q. I have pieces I painted in your studio before you closed that I need to pick up, when can I do that?

A. We still have your pieces and will hold them for two months. Please check our website here for our hours and options if you cannot get to the studio to pick up your pieces: https://princeton.colormemine.com/news/

Q.  If I purchased a To-Go Kit, how do I get my item fired?

A. We currently offer in-studio drop off, curbside drop off or we will pick up your items from you! Pieces must be fully painted and dried for 24 hours before we can safely pick them up and process them. If you have pieces that are ready for pick-up and aren't ready to venture out to the studio, please sign up on our website listing here to schedule your pick-up: https://princeton.colormemine.com/events/adults/

Q. Is all of your inventory online?  

A. Yes, most items are online! Some items are in-studio only. 

Q. Does it have to be fired?

A. We say yes!  It is still in organic form as bisque. This means it is porous and unsealed (won't hold water!).  During our process, we dip all items in a clear glaze and then fire it in our kilns. This makes the piece bright and shiny and able to withstand the test of time! This processing is included in the studio fee and to-go kit.  Please have us fire your items! 

We look forward to seeing you in the studio!